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Indoor Birthday Party
Out Side Bounce Houses
Water Slides
Bounce-A-Lot Open Jumps
Bounce-A-Lot Ashdown

       Bounce-A-Lot Has Now Moved To A Bigger And Better Place 4102 North Kings Hwy 



 All parties are 2 hours long and include 3 pizza's,juice pouches, All paper products and popcorn upon request.

                                New Snack Bar 




Is open jump so there may be other children playing in the gym during your party time.  If you perfer only your party to be in the gym please book a private party on Saturday or Sunday.
Monday-Thursday Non-Private Bounce Party
$110.00 covers up to 16 children..Each additional child is 2.50.
Party Schedule
All parties will be in the open cafe/gym area.  Children will play for 30 minutes then have pizza & cake.  The last hour of the party will be spent bouncing.2 hours long
Friday Semi-Private Bounce Party
$130.00 covers up to 16 children..Each additional child is 2.50
Party Schedule
First hour will be spent in a privaite party room.  At that time you will eat pizza, cut cake and open gifts.
Last hour spent in the gym.
Saturday/SundayPrivate Bounce Party
$160.00 covers up to 16 children...Each addtional child is 2.50
Party Schedule
15 past the hour pizza
30 past the hour cake
40 past the hour open gifts
Note: If you are planning to share a party with a friend there will be an additional charge of 50.00 and limited to 20 children.

Water Parties Monday-Friday
$200.00 covers 2 water slides up to 16 children...Each additional child is 2.50

There will be a tent set up for your party that includes 3 pizzas, drinks and all the paper products.  

Water parties are from April to August

 Parties will be confirmed on the Monday & Tuesday prior to your party.  If party is not confirmed by   Wednesday prior to your party it will be canceled.




                                                                  All Ages Welcome



                                               To book your party call  903-793-0113 or online


                                                                              Book Now!!!!