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All parties are 2 hours long and include 3 pizza's, juice pouches, and all paper products.  

Will provide popcorn on request. 20 children


Open Jump.
Cost is $5.00 per Jumper. 
Party Schedule:
If you are scheduling a Party during the week, there may be other children playing in the gym during your party time.  If you prefer your party to be a private party, please book on a Saturday or Sunday.
**2 Hour - Non-Private Bounce Party**
$110.00 covers up to 20 children.
Party Schedule:
All parties will be in the open café/gym area.  Children will play for 30 minutes then have pizza & cake. The last hour of the party will be spent bouncing. 
**2 Hour - Semi-Private Bounce Party**
$130.00 covers up to 20 children.

Party Schedule:
Private party room. 
Gym is open to all public guests of Bounce A Lot,LLC.
**2 Hour Private Bounce Party**
$160.00 covers up to 20 children.

Party Schedule:
Completely private party. 
Not open to the public.

15 past the hour - 3 free pizzas served
30 past the hour - cake
40 past the hour - open gifts
If you are planning to share a party with a friend there will be an additional charge of $50.00 and limited to 20 children. Thanks for your cooperation.

Water Parties:

2 Hour Water Parties are scheduled Monday-Thursday. You can book your Water Party for 10:00am, 12:30pm, or 4:00pm.

$200.00 covers 2 water slides, and up to 20 children.
*There will be a tent set up for your party that includes 3 pizzas, drinks and paper products.  

Water parties can be booked from 
April to August

Parties are confirmed, by our office, on the Monday & Tuesday prior to your party date.


If your party can not be confirmed by the Wednesday prior to your party, it can be canceled. :(




All Ages Welcome!!!!!



To book your party call  (903)7930113, or click the Book Now!!!! link below.

When booking an Indoor Party online, please be sure to leave contact information, 

i.e. a good telephone number, and/or an e~Mail address. Thanks!


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